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Construction couriers

Construction couriers and Just-in-Time supply chains
RTS Couriers are ready and waiting for that call. With local branches right across the UK, we can dispatch a driver at a moment’s notice. When you need to deliver it, we’re there.

Building sites can be compact and busy places. With space at a premium and health and safety and security ever-present concerns, you don’t want to be storing large quantities of materials and bulky equipment on site. That’s where Just-in-Time logistics and RTS Couriers fast and reliable construction courier service come in.

Using construction couriers in emergency situations
Just as in every other industry, things can go wrong in construction.

Equipment can breakdown, someone accidentally orders the wrong material or you realise you actually require more of something than you’d initially anticipated. When incidents like this occur, it’s all about how you handle the situation. With RTS Couriers on hand, issues can be resolved fast.
Once you’ve made a booking, a driver and suitable vehicle can be at the designated collection point within the hour. From there, they’ll be dispatched directly to their intended destination with no detours or additional stops en route. At RTS Couriers, we never co-load.

RTS Couriers construction capabilities means we have the capability and capacity to deliver a wide array of construction-related materials and equipment. We will choose the most suitable vehicle for the job, whether that’s a small van, Luton van, hi-ab or an Artic truck.


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